Shoring Erection In DC, VA, and MD

Shoring erection provides temporary support for a structure during construction, renovation, or demolition. If you require scaffolding or building shoring near Washington, D.C., Scaffold Resource LLC has the products you need for safer, easier construction. We offer scaffolding rental and shoring erection services with customizable solutions and features to suit any project.

Reasons to Use Shoring

Shoring is used for many different purposes in the construction and renovation industry. Wherever temporary support is needed, shoring can be erected to provide a safe and stable environment to protect your building and your work crew. A few of the uses you may find for building shoring erection include

  • supporting the ceiling or sides of a structure while a column, wall, or other load-bearing feature is replaced, restored, or reinforced.

  • taking the place of load-bearing supports during construction of a multi-story building until permanent supports are firmly in place.

  • providing additional support or protection for a building when a structure nearby is undergoing construction or demolition work.

  • securing the walls of a trench, tunnel, or other unstable area during site excavation for worker safety.

  • providing support and molding for cast-in-place concrete slabs during the pouring and drying process.

Major Differences Between Scaffolding and Shoring

Scaffolding and shoring often look alike and may even serve a similar function. However, shoring and scaffolding are different—understanding the differences between these two systems can help you determine which is needed for your project.

  • The key difference between a scaffold and shoring is the structure’s purpose. Scaffolding is meant solely for use by workers during construction, typically to provide access to areas that cannot be safely reached by ladders or other means. A shoring system is meant specifically to support a structure (including the scaffolding itself); it can provide a work platform for workers, but it must first and foremost provide structural support during construction, renovation, or demolition.

  • Because shoring is not necessarily meant for worker access, its safety rating may be lower than that of a scaffold system. The fall protection requirements for each type of system typically differ as well. Thus, it’s essential for workers to know the difference between shoring and scaffolding systems during any project to ensure safety at all times.

Do you need shoring erection or scaffold rental in Washington, D.C.? Scaffold Resource LLC has been providing shoring and scaffolding solutions in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia since 1996. Please call (301) 924-7223 for more information about our shoring and scaffolding products and how they can benefit your project.