Scaffold Rental DC, MD, VA

Whether you are constructing a new building or modifying an existing one, a scaffolding system allows workers to safely access the interior and exterior of your building throughout your project. Scaffold Resource LLC is a premier provider of scaffolding, including construction scaffold rental in Washington, Virginia, and Maryland. We can provide the perfect shoring system or scaffolding solution to meet your construction needs.

Steps Involved in Scaffold Rental

Scaffolding is an endlessly versatile convenience and safety feature used throughout the construction, remodeling, and renovation industries. If you need scaffold rental in Washington, D.C, Maryland, or Virginia? Scaffold Resource is a scaffold rental company happy to discuss your project to help you find the right scaffold solution for your needs.

  1. Not all scaffolding is designed alike; thus, the first step in scaffolding rental is determining the features you want and selecting a scaffold system that meets your project parameters. Popular options include stair towers for accessibility in multi-story structures and casters for scaffold mobility.

  2. Once you’ve chosen your scaffold system, measurements are taken to determine the height and width of the scaffolding system needed.

  3. If necessary, an engineer can help you determine where and how to construct your scaffolding for maximum safety and accessibility. Your scaffolding will need a stable base; other factors that may be taken into account include pedestrian traffic and construction safety codes in your area.

  4. The scaffolding is erected and your workers may begin their task. Scaffolding on casters can be moved as needed, while other types of scaffolding may need to be dismantled and reconstructed at a new location.

  5. Once your project is complete, your scaffolding rental service will deconstruct and remove the scaffolding from your property.

Scaffolding Safety Tips

The best way to ensure your project proceeds without a hitch is to practice good scaffolding safety while on the job. Scaffold Resource LLC can help you with every aspect of your scaffolding or shoring needs, including engineering and safety training; you can reach us by phone at (301) 924-7223 to learn more about our scaffolding options.

  • Inspect your scaffolding each day before use. Note areas of damage or concern and do not use the scaffolding until they have been addressed.

  • Keep all tools organized and contained at all times to minimize the risk of dropped items.

  • Require all workers to wear hard hats and protective clothing to reduce the chances of injury if an accident does occur.

  • Always use scaffolding stairs or ladders when moving up and down; never climb on or jump from scaffolding at any height. Safety belts and lanyards can be used for added safety and fall prevention when accessing areas more than 10 feet off the ground.