• Smart Scaffold Safety Tips

    If you’re interested in a scaffolding rental, you likely have a building or construction project that requires a scaffolding system. The purpose of construction scaffolding is to give construction workers safe access to all areas of a building during a building project. However, scaffolding is only safe if it is used properly. Read on for some smart scaffold safety tips to use during your next construction project.

    Make Inspections a Daily Priority

    It’s important to inspect your scaffolding rental each day before using it to ensure that nothing has been tampered with overnight. In addition, regular inspections will alert you to any damaged areas that need to be fixed. If you find any issues during your inspection, be sure that the scaffolding is not used until these problems are taken care of.

    Follow Instructions to a T

    You should receive instructions and a parts checklist when renting scaffolding. Double check your list to ensure that you’ve received all of the assembly parts, including special locking pins and cross braces. When assembling the scaffolding, be sure to follow the scaffolding instructions to a T by installing every piece correctly. That means you shouldn’t take shortcuts by neglecting the installation of safety braces and outriggers. The purpose of these devices is to keep workers safe, and without them an accident may very well occur.

    Be Aware

    Ensure that workers are aware at all times and are taking every precaution to avoid injury. This means wearing hard hats and protective clothing. Workers may often feel that this precaution is unnecessary. However, accidents occur all too frequently, and being prepared by wearing protective gear is the first step to avoiding injury. Also ensure that all tools and materials on the scaffolding are organized and accounted for. This will help prevent equipment from falling off the scaffolding.

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  • Scaffold Safety Tips

    A scaffolding rental can be a great choice for construction, painting, and many other projects, as long as you use it safely. Watch this video for a few scaffold safety tips.

    Scaffolding rental can be extremely helpful, but it can be equally dangerous if you fail to use it properly. Always have a competent and experienced individual inspect the integrity of your scaffold before using it, and never use a scaffold that is deemed unsafe. Be cognizant of the weight limit for your particular scaffolding and refrain from working underneath a work platform.

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  • Scaffolding Safety Tips

    Scaffolding can be very helpful for companies working on construction projects, but you need to make sure a scaffolding rental is safe before using it. More than 40 percent of serious injuries on job sites take place due to falls, so safety precautions should be taken before you use a scaffold.

    Watch this video to see the steps that you can take to keep your employees safe. You should only trust a professional to install your scaffold and work platform, and you should check it every single day before using it to make sure that it is functional. Your scaffolding rental should also have guardrails installed, and you should never attempt to move scaffolding if someone is on it.

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  • The Benefits of Scaffold Safety Training

    Importance of scaffolding safety

    When it comes to scaffolding rentals, the importance of safety training cannot be overstated. Taking the proper precautions and understanding how to keep yourself safe on a scaffold are imperative if you are going to rent a scaffold. Read on for a quick look at the many benefits of scaffold safety training.

    Safety is not something you should ever leave up to chance, especially if you are completing a potentially dangerous task. This is why it is crucial that you go through scaffold safety training before working on an elevated platform. Safety training will allow you to recognize and avoid hazards in order to stay safe on the job. It will also help you learn how to prepare before working on a scaffold, which may improve your efficiency on the job. A qualified and experienced individual should inspect your platform before each use in order to maximize safety.

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  • What You Need to Know about Moving Scaffolding

    Moving scaffolding safely A scaffolding rental can be helpful for painters, cleaners, and construction workers, but it can be equally as dangerous if it is used improperly. This is why it is important to practice the proper safety precautions and observe local ordinances. Here is a brief overview of what you need to know about moving scaffolding.

    Safety Tips

    Scaffolding may take you to great heights and allow you to complete large-scale projects with ease. Misusing scaffolding, on the other hand, can lead to significant injuries and even death. It is important that you and your coworkers understand the proper way to use your scaffolding to avoid potentially tragic accidents. Scaffolding that is not expressly designed to move horizontally should not be moved while workers are elevated. Outline a plan for moving your scaffolding at the beginning of the project so that you can design your moves in advance. It is crucial to inspect your scaffolding before each use and remove all tools from the platform before moving it to a new position.

    Efficient Work

    In addition to keeping your workers safe, you will also want them to work efficiently. You can facilitate this by discussing strategies with your local scaffolding rental service. In some cases, it may be helpful to rent more than one scaffold; if you are working on a particularly large building or structure, you may want to use multiple scaffolds. Your scaffold rental professional can help you use these platforms safely.

    Local Laws

    For legal and safety reasons, it is important to familiarize yourself with your local laws regarding scaffolding. These laws are designed to protect workers as well as pedestrians who might be affected by your scaffolding. Make sure you fully understand these laws and ordinances before you begin moving scaffolding.

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  • Assembling Scaffolding

    Safe and secure scaffolding in Washington, D.C. is important when you need to work on something that is high above ground level. Fortunately, the process of assembling this structure is straightforward. Watch this video for help in assembling scaffolding. In the video, you’ll see exactly how scaffolding is designed and put together.

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