• Renting Equipment for Your Construction Site

    While some contractors and construction companies choose to purchase the equipment that they use during jobs, there are many advantages to renting it instead. A scaffolding rental , for example, can give you access to the scaffolding you will need to finish a job without forcing you to take on the responsibilities that come along with owning scaffolding. Additionally, you won’t have to invest in equipment that will need to be maintained regularly and updated every few years when you rent it. Here is why you should consider scaffolding rentals in Washington, D.C. for your construction site.

    You will be able to obtain the type of scaffolding you need.

    There are many different types of scaffolding that you can rent when you decide to use a scaffolding rental. Therefore, you won’t be forced to choose one specific type that might not work for all of your construction jobs. Renting scaffold will also give you the opportunity to try out different options, just in case you do ultimately decide that you want to invest in it.

    You will not need to worry about storing your scaffolding.

    Once you are finished using a scaffolding rental, you can return it and not have to use up valuable storage space storing it for weeks or even months at a time. You probably won’t need to use scaffolding for all of your construction jobs, so renting it will give you the chance to get access to it whenever you need it without committing to storing it on your own.

    You will get to use the scaffolding for as long as you want.

    When you obtain a scaffolding rental, you will be able to keep the scaffolding on your construction site for as long as you need to use it. If your construction project is delayed for whatever reason, simply touch base with your scaffolding company and they will be able to extend your rental for you.

    Scaffold Resource can provide your company with a scaffolding rental near Washington, D.C. Call us at (301) 924-7223 before your next construction job begins to learn more about our rentals.

  • Scaffolds and the Construction Industry

    A scaffold can be useful for a wide range of tasks and projects in the construction industry, but it is crucial that it is used properly. Your platform must be assembled properly, there must be systems in place to prevent injuries, and only trained individuals should be allowed on the scaffolding rental. Read on for a closer look at scaffolds and the construction industry.

    Platform Integrity

    When it comes to scaffolding rentals and the construction industry, safety is absolutely essential. One of the most basic aspects of scaffolding safety is the inspection of the work platform. Only scaffolds that are assembled properly and inspected thoroughly should be used in any construction project. In order to determine whether a platform is fit for workers’ use or not, a competent individual must perform the inspection. In this case, a competent individual is one who is experienced in the industry and knows what kinds of problems to look for.

    Fall Protection

    Scaffolding is typically used when a project’s workspace is well above ground level. The higher up your workspace, however, the more dangerous a fall could be. This is why construction scaffolding must include fall protection components that reduce the possibility of injury or death due to falling off of a work platform. Fall protection systems vary based on a few different factors, like the type of scaffold being used. Most types of scaffold require either personal fall arrest systems or a guardrail system to keep workers safe.


    Just as platform inspection will be left up to a competent worker, a qualified individual must provide training as well. If your job includes assembling, disassembling, or maintaining scaffolding, you must learn about the hazards and procedures during training. Those who work on the platforms must be trained to minimize hazards when on scaffolding.

    If you would like to learn more about scaffolds and the construction industry, contact Scaffold Resource or visit our website. Our team is dedicated to providing high quality scaffolding rental serving Washington, D.C. Feel free to stop in and see us or call us at (301) 924-7223 to learn more about our services.

  • Restoring National Treasures

    restoring national treasures montgomery country

    At Scaffold Resource, we are pleased to offer shoring near Washington, D.C. Due to our unique geographical location in the Washington, D.C. area, we have been privileged to provide shoring for restoration projects on some of our nation’s most treasured monuments. For example, our scaffold shoring services were integral during restoration projects for the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. When working on these notable historic monuments, we were able to make sure we were sensitive to the aesthetic and cultural significance of these sites. Our other notable shoring projects include restoration work on the Pentagon, U.S. Supreme Court Building, and the U.S. Capitol.

    When you are seeking a shoring system near Washington, D.C. , look no further than Scaffold Resource. We are proud to provide our clients with top quality shoring and scaffolding rentals, and we will ensure that your shoring meets the unique demands of your project. To set up a shoring rental today, call us at (301) 924-7223.

  • Tips for Hanging Drywall

    Hanging drywall can seem like an impossible procedure to take on without the assistance of a partner, but scaffolding and shoring systems make this possible. Watch this video clip for a few tips for hanging drywall.

    If you are not working with a partner and you need to hang drywall, consider using a lift. Like a partner, your lift will have two arms that hold the drywall; unlike your partner, it will also have support hooks. You can then use the lift to position the drywall and lift it up to the ceiling. After locking it in place, you can add screws to your drywall.

    Scaffold Resource is proud to offer scaffolding and shoring systems near Washington, D.C. If you are looking to rent or buy scaffolding, feel free to give us a call at (301) 924-7223 or visit our website. You can also stop by and meet with us if you live in the area.