• Why Shoring Is Important for Construction Safety

    For construction projects, shoring is one of the most important safety features on the job site. Shoring can be used in several different capacities on construction sites, depending on the type of job at hand. At Scaffold Resource, we offer a variety of different kinds of shoring and can assist with planning, installation, and ongoing shoring safety concerns for the duration of your project. Here is a look at just a few of the reasons that shoring is important for construction safety.


    Prevent Trenching Collapse

    If you are doing a project that requires trenching, shoring is a must for the safety of your crew. Any kind of trenching, regardless of how strong you think the ground material is, is prone to collapsing, which can bury employees and make it possible for them to get out. There have been many instances in the past in which trenching collapses have cost workers their lives. Shoring is an easy and effective solution to protect your employees who are working in trenching. Our team can help you understand what kind of shoring you need for your kind of trenching, and how to set it up in the safest way possible.


    Support Walls During Repairs

    Often, construction repairs and renovations involve doing work on walls that provide support to the building. Shoring can help to support these walls during the work process, so that they stay standing and they don’t allow the rest of the building to collapse. Shoring can relieve the load being supported by the masonry wall so that the structural integrity of the building is not compromised. This is particularly important in renovations on historical sites.


    When you need shoring of any kind, Scaffold Resource can help. Contact us today with your questions about shoring rentals in Washington, D.C., as well as other services, by dialing (301) 924-7223.

  • See Some of the Construction Work on Dubai’s World Island Project

    Dubai took a major risk in constructing a series of 300 islands designed to represent the countries of the world. Early interest was dealt a blow when the global financial crisis hit, but now, builders are back and tackling unique construction conditions.


    Watch this video to learn more about the World Island project and how island owners are dealing with the building conditions. The islands were constructed without any infrastructure, so owners have to install basic systems before finishing their visions for hotels, clubs, and more.


    At Scaffold Resource, we’re accustomed to challenging building conditions and can help you create a safe and efficient job site with scaffolding rentals, shoring systems, and more. For more information about scaffold rentals in Washington, D.C., call (301) 924-7223.

  • How We Can Help with Your Scaffolding Needs

    At Scaffold Resource, we offer a number of services to builders and construction site managers to help them complete their jobs safely and on time. From scaffold rentals to project and engineering management and consultation, our commitment is to ensure you have the tools you need when you need them at every stage of your building project.


    Our scaffold rental services provide access to a variety of different scaffolding products, including tube and clamp scaffolding, sidewalk bridging, work platforms, and stair towers. If you’re unsure which kinds of scaffolding are appropriate for your project, we can help. We also provide construction support services, including dismantling, engineering consultation, and construction that involves scaffolding. Our team is licensed to work on every piece of equipment that they handle and participates in daily safety briefings. We also can perform daily safety inspections to protect your crew and the general public.


    If you have a construction project, contact Scaffold Resource to learn more about how we can help. You can reach our team at (301) 924-7223 for more information about construction scaffolding in Washington, D.C.

  • What Are the Most Common Causes of Scaffolding Accidents?

    Scaffolding is an important part of many construction projects, but it also requires very careful safety procedures and careful worker training. When you rent scaffolding, work with the company that is providing it to make sure you understand the correct procedures for erecting scaffolding and operating it correctly. Here is a look at some of the most common reasons that scaffolding accidents occur on jobsites.


    Scaffolding Collapses

    If scaffolding is not erected properly, it can collapse while workers are on it. Scaffolding collapses are particularly serious. Not only do these injuries allow the workers who are on the work platform to be injured, but workers below also face the risk of being crushed by falling parts. Your scaffolding company will provide clear instructions on the right way to use the scaffolding and the materials that should be used to erect it. Inspect each piece of the scaffolding as you’re building it, and ask the rental company to replace any piece that appears damaged. Ask for assistance if you have questions about the proper procedures for putting the scaffolding together.



    Falls are among the most common accidents on construction sites, and falls from scaffolding are a serious risk. Having strict on-site safety procedures will reduce the risk of falls. For example, setting rules that prevent trip hazards on work platforms can cut the chances that someone will fall because of tripping.


    Tipping Scaffolding

    Scaffolding is not protected from high winds, so it is vulnerable to tipping over in bad weather. If high winds are forecast, take steps to secure the scaffolding, and don’t allow anyone to work on it during the bad weather. Workers on the ground should also not be in range of the scaffolding during high winds, so since it could tip and collide with them.


    Scaffold Resource is committed to ensuring the safety of every jobsite that uses our scaffolding rentals. We even offer engineering and project consultation for jobs that require expert safety advice. If you have questions about scaffold rentals in Washington, D.C., call (301) 924-7223.