An Overview of Historic Restoration Standards

Historic restoration projects are challenging to complete. Ensuring that a structure adheres to the design standards of a specific time period without features that are not historically accurate requires careful planning and building techniques. It also requires using equipment, such as shoring or scaffolding, that won’t harm the property. There are specific standards to which anyone undertaking a historical restoration must adhere, regardless of the time period or use of the structure. Here are the standards that must be followed on all historical restorations.


Features that are added must be established as historically accurate.

During restoration projects, it is acceptable to add certain features that are missing from the property. However, designers must provide physical proof or other kinds of documentation to show that the features are accurate not just to the time period but also to the property itself. Designers cannot combine two partial elements into a new design feature that was not a present at the historical site. Features from one historical property from the period in question cannot be used in another restoration project, even if the time period is accurate.


No treatments can be used that would damage the historical site.

Often, part of restoration means cleaning up the features of the site so that they look their best. However, it is important to avoid any chemical or physical cleaning process that could potentially cause harm to any part of the property. It is the responsibility of the construction team to ensure the gentlest process is used in each instance.


Historically accurate materials cannot be removed from the site.

Historical restoration does not allow any materials to be removed from the property or features constructed during the time period to be changed. If features were added to the property later that were not available during the historical period, those can be removed.


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