Scaffold Resource at the Chapman Mill

Historical restorations are more complex than new construction projects. During a historical project, you have to take care not to use techniques that could damage the space you’re trying to restore. As such, things like scaffolding and shoring have to be used carefully, in order to preserve the space. At Scaffold Resource, we are experienced in this kind of construction work and have assisted on many jobs that involve this delicate balance of new building and historical preservation. The Chapman Mill is one such project in which we have been involved.


The Chapman Mill is a former grist mill in Northern Virginia that was built in 1742 and was once the tallest stacked stone building in the country. The process of restoring it as a historical site after it was damaged by a fire was complicated due to the unexcavated worksite that was infested with snakes and the structural damage caused by the fire. We assisted with appropriate scaffolding necessary for safe working conditions without causing further damage to the site.


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