Slipping and Tripping Hazards on Scaffolding

Serious injuries can occur on construction sites when safety precautions are ignored. It’s the responsibility of the competent person on the jobsite to ensure that every worker is properly trained and outfitted with the necessary safety equipment. The competent person must also ensure that potential safety hazards, such as slipping and tripping hazards on the scaffold, are promptly addressed.


Slipping and Tripping Hazards

The first step in addressing safety concerns is simply to be aware of them. All workers should know about the risks of tripping over accumulated debris on scaffolding and work platforms, such as tools, materials, and equipment. Workers who spill liquids on these platforms should promptly soak up the liquid to eliminate the slipping hazard. The competent person should also inspect the scaffolding daily for mud, grease, snow, and ice buildup.


Safety Equipment

Construction site workers need the right equipment to do a job as safely as possible. To prevent slips and falls from scaffolds, workers should wear sturdy work shoes or boots with nonskid soles. The competent person should ensure that all necessary fall prevention systems, such as harnesses, are used. A harness might not stop a worker from falling on the scaffold itself, but it will prevent the worker from falling over the edge of the platform.


Winter-Related Precautions

Working on a scaffold during the winter can be particularly hazardous. Snow and ice cannot be allowed to accumulate on these surfaces. It may be necessary to halt work activities at elevations during active snowstorms. Even after removing snow and ice from the scaffold, the platforms can remain damp and slippery. Safety can be enhanced by installing an abrasive material to the platforms.


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