• Why Construction Projects Fall Behind Schedule and What to Do About It

    Construction projects frequently fall behind schedule. Unfortunately, the impacts can be extreme for everyone involved. The construction team faces extra expense that is not in the budget for work hours, scaffold rentals, and other costs associated with a lengthier-than-projected schedule. The customer who commissioned the construction faces inconveniences associated with delayed access to the finished work. Despite these issues, behind-schedule projects are extremely common. What causes these kinds of delays, and is there anything your team can do to reduce the chances of them happening? Here is what you need to know.

    Common Causes of Construction Delays

Any number of factors can lead to delays in construction project, and some of the causes are not predictable. However, there are some causes of timeline problems that occur more frequently than others. Some of these common causes of delays include:

  • Bad weather
  • Delays by subcontractors
  • Bureaucracy delays that slow down permitting approvals
  • Changes made to the project plan
  • Budgeting issues
  • Shortages of materials

These factors can all cause delays of different lengths on a construction project. In most cases, these issues are not caused by the construction team, but mitigating the impact of the delays does rely on the onsite construction crew. For this reason, the construction team must do what it can to reduce these causes of delays from being an issue.

Strategies for Reducing Delays

Some causes of delays are out of anyone’s hands. For example, you can’t control the weather, and there is little you can do if the weather is preventing work from occurring. Other factors can be managed. Some strategies to consider include:

  • Don’t work with vendors or subcontractors who are frequently behind schedule
  • Have clear project plans agreed upon up-front to avoid late changes
  • Build in extra time when you’re ordering materials or applying for permits to account for delays

It is also helpful to be conservative when projecting a timeline, so you have some wiggle room if an issue develops.

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  • Spotlight on Our Work at Brent Wood Elementary

    During our many years in business, Scaffold Resource has had the honor to work on some of the nation’s most beloved landmarks. But none of that work is as important as the steps we took to safeguard America’s true national treasures: its children. Our shoring erection project at Brent Wood Elementary was particularly challenging because the school was in operation at the time. Ensuring the safety of each and every child on campus was our top priority on this job.

    There were other challenges regarding this project’s shoring erection. Namely, that we didn’t have reliable “as built” drawings available, and so our workers had to conduct a full evaluation of the existing old structure. Our engineers designed a cantilevered shoring system that turned certain elements of the building into counterweights.

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