What Are the Training Requirements for Working on Scaffolding?

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requires employers to properly train workers to recognize, address, and prevent hazardous conditions. Specific safety training requirements have been developed for various roles within the construction industry, including work performed on scaffolding. Abiding by these training requirements can save lives and reduce the risk of serious, disabling injuries.

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Safety Training Requirements for Working on Scaffolding

OSHA’s scaffolding training requirements are divided into three categories: Requirements for employees working on scaffolding, those working with scaffolding, and employees in need of retraining. All training must be performed by a person who is qualified in hazard recognition and control as they pertain to the specific type of scaffolding being used. Employees who perform work while on scaffolding must receive safety training in these areas:

  • Recognizing electrical hazards
  • Using best practices to deal with electrical hazards
  • Recognizing fall hazards and falling object hazards in the work area
  • Using the scaffolding properly
  • Handling materials properly while on the scaffold
  • Recognizing the maximum intended load
  • Recognizing the load-carrying capacities of the scaffold
  • Erecting, maintaining, and disassembling fall protection systems and falling object protection systems

Safety Training Requirements for Working with Scaffolding

A qualified person must administer safety training to every employee who is involved with these scaffolding-related activities:

  • Inspecting
  • Repairing
  • Erecting
  • Disassembling
  • Moving
  • Operating
  • Maintaining

These employees must receive safety training in these areas:

  • Understanding the nature of scaffold hazards
  • Understanding correct procedures for all scaffold-related activities
  • Design criteria, intended use, and intended load-carrying capacity of scaffolding

Retraining Requirements to Regain Requisite Proficiency

Safety training in the construction field is an ongoing endeavor. Whenever there is reason to believe that an employee no longer has the skill or understanding to perform work safely, that employee must be retrained. Retraining is a requirement for the following situations, but is not limited to them:

  • When new hazards are present at the worksite and the employee lacks training in them
  • When changes in scaffolding and other equipment present a new hazard that the employee lacks training in
  • When substandard work indicates the employee has lost skill or understanding

At Scaffold Resource, we firmly believe that safety is everything, and this is evidenced by the numerous and ongoing safety training initiatives our workers undergo every day. Scaffold Resource in Washington, D.C. can also custom-design safety training programs for your company, including as-needed specialized training and monthly scaffold hazard awareness training. Company representatives can inquire about our training capabilities at (301) 924-7223.

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