• Risk Management When Working at Height

    When you work at height, such as on scaffolding, it is necessary to take specific safety precautions to protect yourself and everyone else on a job site. This video offers some tips for staying safe on scaffolds and protecting the people below your scaffolding from injury.

    Never work on a scaffold without a protective barrier on the edges. The barrier prevents items from falling on people below and protects you from stepping off the edge. Keep the work platform tidy, to reduce trip hazards. Check out the video for some additional helpful advice.

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  • The Unique Challenges of Restoring Historic Ceilings

    Historic ceiling restoration projects come with a variety of challenges, from the necessity of preserving the historic integrity of the ceiling to the practical challenge of working in the space. Scaffolds and shoring can both play a role in projects that involve the restoration of historic ceilings. If you are undertaking a restoration project, this information will help you cope with some of the challenges that you may face.

    Identifying Structural Issues

    Before restoring a ceiling, it’s necessary to uncover what structural issues are present. Historic ceilings are often subject to plumbing leaks and other kinds of water intrusion that must be addressed before any restorations are made. Layers of the ceiling underneath ornamental plaster may also be weak or have poor adhesion. It is usually necessary to install shoring for support while these structural issues are identified and repaired. Keep in mind that in addition to making repairs, some modernization may be needed in order to comply with local codes.

    Finding Qualified Workers

    Historic ceilings require specialty craftsmanship. It’s important to hire a contractor with experience working on historic sites and workers who are skilled in working the materials used in historic ceilings. Restoration contractors, plasterers who have worked with historic projects in the past, and other workers who are accustomed to historical sites can all help with ceiling restorations. Historical societies, museums, and unions can all provide references for qualified workers.

    Use the Right Equipment

    When working on a ceiling, stair tower scaffolding is inefficient and sometimes dangerous. Dance floor scaffolding, which holds multiple workers at once, allows work to take place across large spans safely and effectively, so that the job can be finished as quickly as possible.

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