Construction Hoist Safety Guidelines

Hoist safety is an essential part of minimizing the risk of injury when using scaffolding. If scaffolding and a hoist are part of your construction site, some basic safety guidelines will keep everyone safe. When you’re using hoists for your construction project, keep these rules in mind.

Perform a Pre-Start Inspection

Before each use, the hoist should be examined exactly as recommended in the operation manual for the specific hoist that you are using. All job site hazards should be identified, inspected, and secured before work begins using the hoist. Never allow any passengers into the hoist until the pre-start inspections are complete. In addition, hoists should be inspected at least every 90 days by a representative who is trained in evaluating the specific hoist you are using. If this inspection is overdue, the hoist should not be used.

Follow Weight Load Guidelines

Every hoist has specific weight load guidelines that are listed in the operation manual. Check the guidelines before operation and never exceed the recommended load. Every person responsible for operating the hoist on the job site should have access to the manual to verify this information. All passengers, operators, and materials should be loaded onto the hoist before it is in motion.

Monitor Field and Operator Conditions

Check the weather forecast at the start of each period of operation. Do not operate, put together, or dismantle the hoist when there is a lightning storm occurring or when winds exceed 30 miles per hour. Discontinue operation in advance of approaching storms. Someone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including over-the-counter medicines that can cause drowsiness, should never operate the hoist.

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