Understanding the Differences Between Scaffolding and Shoring

The construction and engineering industry can be perplexing to people who are unfamiliar with the lingo and standard safety protocols. Scaffolding and shoring systems are terms that are often confused, but they’re two distinct systems. With either system, it’s essential to follow strict safety protocols to protect the workers and passersby.

The Purpose of Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a strong, sturdy framework that is built next to a building or other structure, such as a bridge. Within the framework, there are work platforms placed at varying heights and locations to enable workers to access different areas for construction or repair purposes. Scaffolding is a temporary structure built solely for the purpose of elevating workers, materials, and equipment.

The Purpose of Shoring

Like scaffolds, shoring systems are also temporary. However, they’re intended to support the building or bridge, not the workers. Shoring systems are made of heavy-duty modular steel components. Each load-bearing leg is able to support between 50,000 and 490,000 pounds. Structural shoring is used during construction, renovation, and demolition projects. It’s an essential tool for tasks such as bridge repairs. Since the shoring system holds up the weight of the structure, workers can safely perform repairs without risking the shifting or caving of the structure itself.

The Safety of Scaffolding

Safety is always a concern at construction sites. It’s essential to choose a scaffolding installation team with the right training and credentials to safely assemble and disassemble the structure. Fall prevention guidelines must be followed to prevent serious injuries and deaths.

The Safety of Shoring

Shoring systems are engineering marvels. To make it as safe as possible, the engineer must consider factors such as the ground conditions, load factor, environment, and dimensions of the structure before designing the shoring system.

Safety is our top priority here at Scaffold Resource. It’s one reason why our expert team of construction scaffold installers in Washington, D.C. is in such high demand, and why we’ve been trusted to work on some of the nation’s most treasured landmarks. Call (301) 924-7223 to discuss our shoring systems and building scaffolds.

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