• FAQs About Sidewalk Canopy Safety Requirements

    Site supervisors are responsible for safeguarding the well-being of all workers on a job site. When the job site is located in an area where pedestrians pass by, the safety of those individuals is also paramount. Sidewalk canopies can be erected around the scaffolding to protect pedestrians passing by from physical trauma caused by falling objects. The scaffolding rental company you use will be keenly aware of all applicable safety requirements and can answer any questions you may have about compliance.

    What’s the required load for the decking?

    The local building code will specify the required load capacity for the decking. In many cases, the load capacity must be at least 150 pounds per square foot. To meet local requirements, the scaffolding rental company may recommend using a double layer of decking. Another option is to use stringers and joists and then set up the decking.

    How can I protect the canopy from vehicular traffic?

    One of the many concerns that site supervisors have is the possibility of a vehicle traveling too close to the canopy legs, potentially striking them and causing a collapse. The approach you’ll use to prevent this problem depends on how close the legs are to the road. If there’s enough space, you can place concrete barriers between the legs and the road. Otherwise, it may be necessary to close one lane of traffic and erect the concrete barriers in that lane.

    Are there any requirements for building access?

    Yes, the bracing system must feature openings at the building’s doors. It’s essential that emergency exits not be obstructed. Additionally, site supervisors must ensure that the clearance of the opening meets municipal fire or building codes.

    Scaffold Resource is operated by a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals, who put safety first at every job site. We understand OSHA regulations and municipal building codes inside and out and will ensure your job site is in full compliance. Call (301) 924-7223 to discuss the arrangements for your sidewalk canopy in Washington, D.C.

  • What Are the Challenges of Installing Scaffolding on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge?

    Scaffold Resource specializes in providing clients with scaffolding rental for a wide range of projects. Some of the types of scaffold projects we have worked on include everything from new construction and movie sets to historic restorations and national treasures. We’ve also worked on many signature products, including scaffolding for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

    The Chesapeake Bay Bridge project presented several challenges, including the design and installation of scaffolding over active traffic, over a 37-foot wide roadway, and that could withstand wind gusts of 100 miles per hour. Also, the delivery of equipment for this scaffold project needed to be done via barge. The project involved the installation of a 323-foot tall suspension tower designed to support contractor work for lead paint abatement, blasting, and painting.

    If you need scaffolding rental in Washington, D.C. , then look no further than Scaffold Resource, where we offer a broad range of scaffold products, and our experienced staff can help you choose an option that meets the unique requirements of your project. To get started, please call (301) 924-7223.

  • What Is Code-Compliant Wall Bracing?

    Understanding and properly applying the International Residential Code’s bracing provisions can be challenging, and understanding the placement of braced wall lines can also be difficult. Watch this video to learn how to establish code-compliant wall bracing using the APA simplified wall-bracing method.

    The APA simplified wall-bracing method involves 4 steps.

    1. Ensure that your design meets the parameters for using the APA simplified bracing method
    2. Draw a rectangle around each plan to determine how much bracing is needed
    3. Learn how many full-height segments are available for bracing
    4. Compare the amount of bracing available to the amount of bracing that is required

    Scaffold Resource is a premier source for scaffolding rental and shoring systems near Washington, D.C. To learn how we can assist with your next project, please call (301) 924-7223.

  • How Our Team Can Help Your Team with Safety Training

    Do you need to rent scaffolding for your upcoming project and want to get your team trained on safe scaffold use? If so, then consider working with the experienced staff at Scaffold Resource . We are experts when it comes to scaffolding rentals and safety and, in 2015, we accomplished the rarely-achieved “1.6 Million Man Hours Worked Without A Lost Time Injury” milestone. Read on to discover more.

    We Have an Award-Winning History of Safety

    At Scaffold Resource, we recognize that safety is the most important part of the job. For this reason, we train our staff to put safety first. Some of our strategies for promoting safety on the job for our team include monthly supervisor safety meetings, a daily hazard analysis for every job, and a daily stretch and flex program. If you’re wondering why you should choose Scaffold Resource for scaffolding rental or training, then consider some examples of how our focus on safety has been recognized over the years. The following are just a handful of the many safety awards that we have been honored with:

    • 2016: ABC Chesapeake Shores – STEP GOLD Award
    • 2016: ABC Metro Washington – STEP GOLD Award
    • 2016: ABC Virginia – Paragon Award – Excellence in Safety
    • 2015: ABC Chesapeake Shores – 2015 Chapter Safety
    • 2015: ABC Metro Washington – 2015 STEP GOLD Award
    • 2015: ABC Virginia – 2015 Paragon Award – Excellence in Safety
    • 2014: HITT Contracting – Subcontractor of the Year Safety Award
    • 2013: ABC Chesapeake Shores Chapter – Safety Gold Step Award

    We Can Train Your Team on Safety and Hazard Awareness

    If you want to help ensure that your workers stay safe at the worksite, then consider working with Scaffold Resource. We can create a custom program that is designed to suit your team’s specific needs, help prevent injuries, and create hazard awareness.

    Let the experts at Scaffold Resource train your team on proper scaffold safety and more. Call (301) 924-7223 for more information about our training services and scaffolding rentals in Washington, D.C.