• Examining the Use of Shoring in Construction and Renovations

    When it comes to carrying out safe and successful construction and renovation projects, shoring systems can be essential. If you’re getting ready to take on a building task and want to know whether shoring would be necessary or beneficial for your project, then keep reading to learn about the use of these systems in construction and renovations.

    The Benefits of Shoring

    Shoring is a type of support system that is utilized in the construction, renovation, or repair of structures. By putting a shoring system in place, you can help ensure that the structure you’re working on will remain stable and safe. These systems work by relieving some of the pressure from existing parts of the building while others are built, repaired, or replaced. For example, if you need to repair a damaged wall of your building, then erecting a shoring system for the project can help ensure that the load that the damaged wall normally supports is placed on the shoring instead of on the other walls during the repair process. In these ways, shoring helps protect the stability of a building and the safety of construction workers and other people in the vicinity.

    The Uses of Shoring

    As mentioned, shoring is used to provide temporary support. These systems can be used for new construction, but also for projects involving renovations or repairs. While the primary purpose of shoring is to provide support for a building’s structure, these systems can also be used to support forms for structures like beams, girders, and concrete slabs that are to be made with a cast-in-place method. When used in this way, shoring is sometimes referred to as formwork or a shoring deck. To determine if your project needs shoring, consider contacting a company that specializes in shoring systems.

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