A Closer Look at Lead Paint Abatement for Suspension Bridges

Lead paint poses a significant health and safety threat to the public. When municipal structures, such as bridges and overpasses, contain lead paint, it is important to take every action needed to remove this harmful substance. If you are getting ready to remove lead paint from a suspension bridge, you should keep your workers safe through the use of a scaffolding rental . Let’s take a closer look at lead paint abatement for suspension bridges.

Dangers of Lead Exposure

While lead based paint was previously renowned for its durability and weather resistance, it is now recognized as a very hazardous material. Exposure to lead based paint can cause a variety of serious health issues, including stomach aches, headaches, high blood pressure, and memory loss. The best way to prevent the health risks of lead based paint exposure is to schedule professional removal services.

Risks of Suspension Bridge Abatement Procedures

If testing reveals that your suspension bridge is contaminated with lead based paint, it will be your responsibility to make sure that the problem is eliminated. It is important to note, however, that there are some serious risks that are associated with lead paint abatement on suspension bridges. Along with the dangers of lead paint exposure, workers will also be performing their job high above the ground.

Importance of Hiring a Professional Abatement Contractor

In order to achieve the best and safest results from your lead paint abatement procedure, it is a terrific idea to hire a professional abatement contractor to perform your services. Your abatement contractor will know how to safely reach the highest areas of your bridge in order to perform effective lead paint removal.

If you are getting ready for lead paint abatement on your suspension bridge, be sure to contact Scaffold Resource. We proudly offer top rated scaffolding serving Washington, D.C. , and our experienced contractors can create a safe work platform for your abatement professionals. Call us at (301) 924-7223 to learn more about our previous projects in the bridge abatement industry.