Mistakes to Avoid When Working on Scaffolding

When you plan a scaffolding rental for an upcoming construction project, you will want to make sure that your workers are properly trained and educated on the basics of scaffold safety. Without the proper safety measures, scaffolding can be a very dangerous part of a construction site. Fortunately, your scaffold resource will be able to provide you with tools and training to teach your workers about scaffold safety. Here is a quick look at some mistakes to avoid when you are working on scaffolding.

Lack of Fall Protection

In order to protect workers who are using a scaffold system, you will want to make sure that your scaffold has been equipped with proper fall protection. A fall from a scaffold can result in very serious injuries. Your scaffold resource can provide you with guardrails, ladders, and other forms of protective equipment that will help to prevent a fall.

Failure to Secure Objects

Along with falling from a scaffold, it is also dangerous to be hit with debris or other objects that have been knocked off of a scaffold. When you are working on scaffolding, you will want to make sure that any tools and materials that you are using are properly secured in place. It may also be a good idea to place safety nets underneath your scaffold.

Improper Scaffold Building Specifications

OSHA requires that all scaffold systems are built with a specific set of safety requirements in mind. When you are constructing a scaffold, you will want to make sure that your scaffolding meets and building and safety specifications. A scaffold that meets specifications will be able to support the weight of workers and construction materials.

If you have additional questions about proper scaffold safety, be sure to get in touch with Scaffold Resource. We provide quality scaffolding rentals in Washington D.C., and our team of scaffold resource technicians can help you make sure that you are using your equipment safely. Call us at (301) 924-7223 to hear more about our scaffold rental options .