• A Look at Our Engineering Expertise

    In addition to providing contractors and construction companies with scaffolding rentals, Scaffold Resource can also lend our engineering expertise to any company that needs it. We can give you access to construction scaffolding in Washington, D.C. and show you exactly how to use it to complete your next job. From project consulting to scaffolding erection, we want you to be happy with all of the services we offer.

    In the past, we have proven our ability to provide engineering expertise by working on a range of high-profile projects. From rehabilitating the Lincoln Memorial to setting up platforms 130 feet above the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, we welcome the challenges that come along with scaffolding and shoring at Scaffold Resource. Regardless of what you need to use scaffolding for, our team of highly qualified engineers will see to it that it is set up as safely as possible.

    Scaffold Resource, a company that was founded 20 years ago, can show you the benefits of using construction scaffolding and give you a great deal on your scaffolding needs. Let us know how we can assist you by calling us at (301) 924-7223 today.

  • Shoring Safety Tips

    Every year, between 40 and 60 construction workers are killed as a result of accidents related to excavation projects. A shoring system is designed to prevent accidents from happening, but it must be installed properly to be effective. By obtaining a shoring system from a company that specializes in scaffolding serving Washington, D.C. and installing it correctly, you can reduce the risks associated with doing an excavation.

    Watch this video to learn some very valuable shoring safety tips. It will show you how to set up a shoring system and provide you with information about what you should do before and after a shoring rental has been installed in order to protect those who will be completing an excavation.

    Do you need help setting up a shoring system on your excavation site? Call Scaffold Resource at (301) 924-7223 to find out how to rent a shoring system today.

  • Renting Equipment for Your Construction Site

    While some contractors and construction companies choose to purchase the equipment that they use during jobs, there are many advantages to renting it instead. A scaffolding rental , for example, can give you access to the scaffolding you will need to finish a job without forcing you to take on the responsibilities that come along with owning scaffolding. Additionally, you won’t have to invest in equipment that will need to be maintained regularly and updated every few years when you rent it. Here is why you should consider scaffolding rentals in Washington, D.C. for your construction site.

    You will be able to obtain the type of scaffolding you need.

    There are many different types of scaffolding that you can rent when you decide to use a scaffolding rental. Therefore, you won’t be forced to choose one specific type that might not work for all of your construction jobs. Renting scaffold will also give you the opportunity to try out different options, just in case you do ultimately decide that you want to invest in it.

    You will not need to worry about storing your scaffolding.

    Once you are finished using a scaffolding rental, you can return it and not have to use up valuable storage space storing it for weeks or even months at a time. You probably won’t need to use scaffolding for all of your construction jobs, so renting it will give you the chance to get access to it whenever you need it without committing to storing it on your own.

    You will get to use the scaffolding for as long as you want.

    When you obtain a scaffolding rental, you will be able to keep the scaffolding on your construction site for as long as you need to use it. If your construction project is delayed for whatever reason, simply touch base with your scaffolding company and they will be able to extend your rental for you.

    Scaffold Resource can provide your company with a scaffolding rental near Washington, D.C. Call us at (301) 924-7223 before your next construction job begins to learn more about our rentals.

  • What Is the Right Scaffold for Your Project?

    Unless they plan on using it for just about every project that they work on, most contractors and construction companies opt to rent scaffolding instead of buying it. This is a great option because there are many different types of scaffolding available through companies like Scaffold Resource. By renting it, you will be able to get access to the exact type of scaffolding you need. But before you rent scaffold in Washington, D.C., consider which type will suit your project best. Here are a few of the scaffold types that will be available to you.


    Are you planning on doing an expansion or renovation project? If so, this type of scaffolding is best. It will help to support an entire structure while you are working on it, and it will also allow you to get access to the structure throughout the process. If there is any risk of a structure falling over or collapsing during a construction project, you should make sure that shoring is used.

    Stair Tower

    During the construction of a building, there will come a time when you and your employees will need to walk from one floor to another. The problem is that, often times, stairwells haven’t been built to provide you with access to higher floors. Stair tower scaffolding will allow you to move between floors without the use of stairways.

    Dance Floor

    If you are tackling a construction job that requires you to access ceilings, you will need to rent scaffolding to do it. Dance floor scaffolding is designed to give you access to ceilings, including those that seem like they might be too high for you to reach. With the right scaffolding, you can complete work on any ceiling easily.

    Wall Access

    While dance floor scaffolding allows you to access ceilings with ease, this type of scaffolding will give you direct access to the walls on the interior or exterior of a building.

    Scaffold Resource carries a large inventory of scaffolding rentals. You can contact us at (301) 924-7223 to find the right scaffolding for your next construction job.