Scaffolds and the Construction Industry

A scaffold can be useful for a wide range of tasks and projects in the construction industry, but it is crucial that it is used properly. Your platform must be assembled properly, there must be systems in place to prevent injuries, and only trained individuals should be allowed on the scaffolding rental. Read on for a closer look at scaffolds and the construction industry.

Platform Integrity

When it comes to scaffolding rentals and the construction industry, safety is absolutely essential. One of the most basic aspects of scaffolding safety is the inspection of the work platform. Only scaffolds that are assembled properly and inspected thoroughly should be used in any construction project. In order to determine whether a platform is fit for workers’ use or not, a competent individual must perform the inspection. In this case, a competent individual is one who is experienced in the industry and knows what kinds of problems to look for.

Fall Protection

Scaffolding is typically used when a project’s workspace is well above ground level. The higher up your workspace, however, the more dangerous a fall could be. This is why construction scaffolding must include fall protection components that reduce the possibility of injury or death due to falling off of a work platform. Fall protection systems vary based on a few different factors, like the type of scaffold being used. Most types of scaffold require either personal fall arrest systems or a guardrail system to keep workers safe.


Just as platform inspection will be left up to a competent worker, a qualified individual must provide training as well. If your job includes assembling, disassembling, or maintaining scaffolding, you must learn about the hazards and procedures during training. Those who work on the platforms must be trained to minimize hazards when on scaffolding.

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