• The Process of Shoring a Load Bearing Wall

    When you are constructing or renovating a building that is located on a challenging site, you may want to consider the benefits of shoring erection. With a shoring system that has been put in place by a company offering scaffold rental , you can rest assured that all of the load bearing walls in your construction project are properly supported. Here is a closer look at how shoring can be used to support a load bearing wall.

    Survey the Site

    The first step of erecting a shoring system is to survey the construction site. Your shoring expert will need to determine where along the properly line the shoring installation will be most effective. In addition, surveying is also used to find the safest location for the shoring erection. Once the survey process has been completed, it will be time to start the installation procedure.

    Create Shoring Piles

    In order to provide the proper amount of support for the retaining wall, the shoring system must be installed in deep shoring piles. Using a tool called an augur, a technician will drill holes deep into the ground. After the augured holes have been dug, the shoring piles will be carefully lifted into place.

    Add Structural Concrete

    Adding structural concrete is perhaps the most vital step of the shoring system installation. Once the shoring piles have been put in place, structural concrete will be used to completely fill up the augured holes. This concrete installation will keep the shoring piles safely in place, and allow the construction project to continue in a safe manner.

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