• A Look at Our Engineering Services

    Whether you are installing tube and clamp scaffolding on the side of a small building or erecting a larger scaffolding system to complete renovations on a bridge, you will need an engineer to assist you. Scaffold Resource has a strong team of engineers willing to tackle any project involving construction scaffolding and will see to it that your scaffolds are installed safely.

    When you work with Scaffold Resource, an engineer will be by your side at all times. From the initial consultation where we will determine what type of tube and clamp scaffolding would work best for your project to the design and installation of your scaffold rentals, our goal is to get your scaffolding set up properly for you. We have completed work on regular buildings as well as structures like the Lincoln Memorial and Chesapeake Bay Bridge, and we are open to any and all new challenges.

    Scaffold Resource, a company that has been providing engineering services for construction companies since 1996, can help your scaffolding rentals service Washington, D.C. You can call (301) 924-7223 to set up your consultation with us.

  • Scaffolding Safety Tips

    Scaffolding can be very helpful for companies working on construction projects, but you need to make sure a scaffolding rental is safe before using it. More than 40 percent of serious injuries on job sites take place due to falls, so safety precautions should be taken before you use a scaffold.

    Watch this video to see the steps that you can take to keep your employees safe. You should only trust a professional to install your scaffold and work platform, and you should check it every single day before using it to make sure that it is functional. Your scaffolding rental should also have guardrails installed, and you should never attempt to move scaffolding if someone is on it.

    Are you in need of a scaffolding rental near Washington, D.C.? Call Scaffold Resource at (301) 924-7223 to check out our excellent scaffold selection .

  • Answers to Your Questions About Shoring

    If you have a large structure that needs to be supported during a remodeling or renovation project, you are going to want to install a shoring system to make sure it remains standing. Shoring systems look a lot like scaffolding systems, but they serve a much different purpose. To find out more about shoring , check out the answers to these common shoring questions.

    What is shoring?

    There are many different types of shoring and all of them have different descriptions , but in general, shoring is a temporary structure that is used to support another structure. When a structure needs support, a shoring system can be installed underneath it to make sure that it doesn’t collapse. The proper building shoring should always be used to support a structure that is under construction.

    What are some of the uses of shoring?

    A shoring system has many uses. For example, if a church is being expanded to fit more people but the roof of the church is still in great condition and is going to be used on the revamped structure, a shoring system can support this roof during the expansion process so that it stays in place. As you would imagine, extensive plans need to be drawn up to make sure this is possible, and safety must be maintained at all times when you “shore up” a structure.

    Who should install shoring?

    Improper installation of a shoring system can be catastrophic. An entire structure could collapse if shoring is not done properly. Therefore, shoring should only be completed by companies that have the experience to do it and a thorough knowledge of OSHA requirements. Shoring can be helpful to contractors, but those contractors should trust professionals to install it for them before they get to work so that no workers are in danger during construction.

    Scaffold Resource carries a wide range of shoring systems near Washington, D.C., and can successfully install shoring for you before your next project. Call us at (301) 924-7223 to find out about the shoring we carry as well as our scaffold rentals.

  • Tips for Choosing an Adjustable Work Platform

    If your company specializes in doing construction or some other type of work that typically calls for your employees to operate at various heights, you will likely need to rent adjustable work platforms. A scaffolding rental is a great way to keep your employees safe while simultaneously ensuring that you will be able to get a job done. Before selecting scaffold rentals, use these tips to choose the right one.

    Figure out how many of your employees will need to be on the scaffolding at one time.

    Will you only have one or two employees on your scaffolding rental at a time? If so, you still want to make sure that it can support them, but you probably don’t need to provide them with a gigantic platform that they won’t actually need. The size of your scaffolding rental should be just large enough to fit your employees comfortably so that they can go about their business.

    Determine how high you will need your employees to be while working.

    Are you going to be working on the second-floor of a building—or helping to restore a tall bridge? Prior to picking out a work platform , you should consider how much height you will need. A system scaffold can be set up to accommodate most heights, but you are going to want to have a clear plan in place as far as how high your employees will need to reach.

    Keep the safety of your employees in mind at all times.

    If you pick a scaffold that is too small and try to put a dozen employees on it at once, you will be putting them at risk. Likewise, if you fail to erect a sidewalk canopy over an area that sees a lot of foot traffic, you could put pedestrians at risk when they walk by your work site. Keep safety in the front of your mind.

    Scaffold Resource provides commercial companies with the adjustable work platforms serving Washington, D.C. You can call (301) 924-7223 to reserve the right scaffolding for your company today.