• Understanding the Different Types of Shoring

    different types of shoring montgomery county If you are preparing to work on a renovation project, you may need to erect a shorting system to help stabilize the structure. Shoring erection is used to stabilize structures that may not be structurally sound. By working with a company that building shoring near Washington, D.C., you can ensure that your project is completely safe for you and your workers. To help you choose a shoring system, here is a closer look at the different types of shoring.

    Raking Shores

    Raking shores are among the most commonly used types of shoring . When raking shores are erected, they provide lateral support to the exterior walls of a structure. Raking shoring is composed of several different elements, including rakers, needles, wall plates, and bracing. The rakers are typically installed at a slight angle, providing the building with the best level of support.

    Flying Shores

    Flying shores are used for projects that involve the total demolition of a building. If the building is structurally supporting the properties on either side, flying shores will be erected to provide safe and stable support. The shoring will be trussed across the vacant area, ensuring that the buildings on either side of the demolition site do not collapse.

    Dead Shores

    Occasionally, a renovation or restoration project will require vertical support. For example, if part of a wall is being removed during a remodeling project, a vertical shoring system will need to be put in place. When vertical shoring is erected, this type of shoring is commonly known as dead shoring.

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  • Planning a Successful Shoring Project

    Shoring is a term that is used to describe the support system that is used to prevent buildings from collapsing during construction. For example, when you are building in a tight urban area, a shoring system will allow you to safely and effectively complete your construction. With carefully placed shoring near Washington, D.C., you will be able to rest assured that your construction project is structurally sound. To learn about planning a successful shoring project, check out this video from Architectural Dimensions.

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