Essential Information About Shoring

Essential information about shoring montgomery county If you are in need of a temporary support system so that you can renovate or demolish a structure, a shoring system may be just what you need. There are a few aspects of shoring that you should understand before getting started, however, because shoring is not the same as scaffolding. Read on for a look at some essential information about shoring.

Shoring Uses

When your project requires you to support a building or structure that may be in danger of falling, you will need shoring. You can use shoring in vertical, horizontal, or angled fashions depending on the structure that you must support. Shoring is incredibly useful when it comes to repairing a building that has become structurally unsound, and it can also be used to keep trenches from collapsing while they are in the process of being built.

How it Differs from Scaffolding

Although they are often part of the same conversation, shoring and scaffolding typically have very different uses. Scaffolding allows workers to scale the sides of buildings in order to perform various services. Scaffolds are often suspended from the tops of these buildings or structures, and many types are moveable. Shoring, on the other hand, is used to support the structures themselves rather than the workers. A worker who is standing on a platform while doing his or her job is using a scaffold; a worker who is using a platform to support another structure is using shoring.

Types of Shoring

You may find shoring in flying, dead, or raking varieties. While each of these types of shoring has a similar goal, they look and operate slightly differently. It is important to choose the right type of shoring for your project, so talk to a scaffolding and shoring professional to find out what kind you need.

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