The Different Types of Suspended Scaffolds

different types of suspended scaffolding Montgomery county A quality scaffolding rental can help you complete certain jobs safely and efficiently, but it is important to find the right type of scaffold for the job. It helps to become familiar with the various kinds of scaffolds and how they are used before making a decision. Keep reading for a look at the different types of suspended scaffolds.

Single-Point and Multi-Point Adjustable

A single-point adjustable scaffold hangs from the roof of a building or an overhead support system by one rope. This type of scaffolding is ideal for one person who is washing windows or cleaning the side of a tall building. Multi-point adjustable scaffolds are similar, but they rely on several ropes for overhead support. Unlike a single-point adjustable scaffold, a multi-point adjustable scaffold may be able to accommodate additional workers. Both of these types of scaffolding may be raised or lowered as desired .


Like single-point and multi-point adjustable scaffolds, two-point scaffolds also hang from an overhead support system by ropes. This type of scaffolding features a rope or cable connection at stirrups on each side of the work surface. You can raise and lower a two-point scaffold system while it supports workers, so it must have enough support to remain secure while in motion as well as in a stationary position. For safety reasons, it is important to access a two-point scaffold system from either the ground or the rooftop of the building you are working on rather than by ladder.


Catenary scaffolding relies on ropes as well, but it does so in a different manner. Two horizontal ropes surround a catenary scaffold. These horizontal ropes are connected to vertical pickup ropes that are attached to an overhead structure. This type of scaffolding may utilize up to two platforms at once.

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