FAQs About Our Shoring Project Services

The Scaffold Resource team can help your business with the right kind of scaffolding rental, but there’s much more to us than that. We offer shoring rentals as well, in addition to other types of work platforms. We’ll do as much research as we need to learn about your project and provide you with the perfect equipment to stay safe on the job. Here are some frequently asked questions about our shoring project services.

Can we rent our equipment?

Unless you plan on physically expanding your business headquarters over a long period of time or you’re in the construction business, you don’t have to outright purchase your shoring equipment. Scaffold Resource would be happy to rent you the work platforms you need in order to get the job done. We can rent out whatever kind of shoring materials you’re looking for, so you can save money on equipment and don’t have to deal with maintenance or storage after the project is over.

How do you know what we need?

Every shoring project is different, so we need to know as much as possible about your project to give you the right materials. When you talk to our team about what you hope to accomplish, we can build you the right type of shoring materials. You’ll have extensive conversations with our team about the nature of the project and what kind of special challenges will need to be considered. Then we will look through our existing inventory and use our expertise to determine which materials will be most effective for your project.

Are your products safe?

No matter what kind of task you’re taking on, safety should always be a primary concern. At Scaffold Resource, we do everything in our power to offer only the safest products possible. Even the safest equipment can be misused, but we create safe and high-quality products that can make it easy to stay safe at work.

We provide businesses with both scaffolding and shoring systems near Washington, D.C., at Scaffold Resource so we can help develop the ideal shoring rental for your next project. Call us at (301) 924-7223 today.

A Refresher on Scaffolding Safety

When you’re going to be working high up off the ground on a work platform, safety becomes even more important than usual. Having safety precautions in place protects workers from injury and pushes the operation forward. Watch this video for a refresher on scaffolding safety.

If you’ve never been trained to use scaffolding, then you shouldn’t be up on a work platform. Workers should know how to build and disassemble scaffolds as well as how to safely work with the necessary tools and materials. Whenever a scaffold is used, a scaffold expert must be there to design the platform and keep an eye on the workers to make sure they’re following protocol.

Before you get up on the scaffolding serving Washington, D.C., know how to keep yourself out of harm’s way. At Scaffold Resource, we provide your company with the work platforms you need. Call us at (301) 924-7223 today.

Spotlight on Our Industry Affiliations

You can’t get too far without making connections these days, and if you’re an industry leader, you should be happy to network with other business entities. At Scaffold Resource, we’re proud of the many connections we’ve made and the affiliations that we are a part of. Read on to put the spotlight on our industry affiliations.

The professionals at Scaffold Resource are lucky enough to be affiliated with some of the most important and influential entities in the industry. We’re a proud part of the Associated Builders and Contractors as well as the SIA, or Scaffold Industry Association. You will also find the D.C. Chamber of Commerce, American Subcontractors Association, and Washington Building Congress among our network of affiliates. These partnerships mean shared resources and continuing education, which contributes to safer and more efficient scaffold operation in the D.C. area.

The Scaffold Resource team is just a small part of a much larger community that’s dedicated to promoting safe and efficient scaffolding serving Washington, D.C. Call us at (301) 924-7223 if you’d like to work with us, learn more about our industry affiliations, or ask us about our work platforms.

Improving Shoring Safety on Construction Sites

Working with scaffolding and shoring can be dangerous, especially if you are inexperienced or untrained. Even if you’ve been in the business for years, all it takes is one mistake to end up with an injury. Know what to avoid, follow the rules, and stay updated on OSHA’s regulations. Let’s take a closer look at improving shoring safety on construction sites.

Knowing the Common Problems

When you know what kinds of problems are likely to happen, you can anticipate them and take steps to prevent them. The tricky part about shoring safety is that most of the problems that occur tend to be the result of human error. This could include failing to inspect the shoring before getting to work, carelessness on the part of the construction site, or accidents that happened because workers have been on the clock for too long. Recognizing the problem doesn’t automatically prepare you for it, but it helps you stay on your toes and avoid risky situations.

Following Regulations

Shoring projects are subject to Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA regulations. These rules apply to any scaffolding or shoring project and are designed to maintain safety. Workers must abide by these regulations and follow the correct safety procedures to minimize accidents when using work platforms or shoring.

Continuing Education

Just because you knew the standard safety regulations like the back of your hand when you entered the industry doesn’t mean you still know everything there is to know about shoring safety. As technology continues to find new places in every industry, there’s always more to learn about safety. Workers and supervisors alike should stay updated on the latest additions to shoring safety rules, regulations, and tips, so everyone can stay safe and the job can continue.

No shoring system near Washington, D.C. is absolutely foolproof, but if you know what you’re doing, you should be able to stay safe on the worksite. If your company is in need of construction scaffolding or shoring, call Scaffold Resource at (301) 924-7223 to see what we can do.

Examining Different Types of Hoists

The first step in any project that takes place high off the ground is deciding what kind of scaffold or work platform you’ll use to get the job done. Usually scaffolding can safely hold workers, but you might need other types of lifts for your materials, such as general lifts, material hoists, or industrial elevators. Continue reading if you’re interested in examining the different types of hoists.

General Lifts

Standard scaffolding may do the trick if you’re washing a third story window, but getting materials up to the top of a skyscraper is a different story. Hoists and lifts, which are also known as construction elevators, help with this part of the equation. General hoists and lifts are versatile platforms that transport people, tools, or other materials up to a mid- to high-rise level. There are several different types of lifts, and their capabilities vary depending on the type you choose. Heavy-duty lifts can hold thousands of pounds, so consider your project’s needs.

Material Hoists

Sometimes referred to as boiler hoists, material hoists are not permanent structures. They are temporary lifts, and they’re used to lift the materials necessary to complete the project. Like general lifts, material hoists come in different sizes and configurations. Larger material hoists can transport thousands of pounds of cargo, while smaller hoists are more compact and can be helpful in confined spaces. Again, the right kind of lift depends on what you need it for.

Industrial Elevators

If you’re looking for extra safety and protection from the weather, an industrial elevator might be the type of hoist you need. These elevators are customizable and will keep people and materials safe from the elements, even when working in extreme environments. This degree of additional safety can go a long way.

Are you having trouble finding the hoist you’re looking for? Call Scaffold Resource at (301) 924-7223. It’s our job to provide your business with the right work platform for the job, and our specialties include both shoring and scaffolding serving Washington, D.C. Visit our website for details about our products and services.

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